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Defining the CAPE Development Model

Having proper standards in mobile application development, deployment and mobile marketing is key to an application's success. At Moro, we've established the CAPE development model as our standard for developmental success.

Clarify • Acquire • Produce • Enable

Clarify: We've already been establishing the first step in the CAPE Model. During this step, we define each stage of the mobile application's features and requirements. Here we discover which a-la-carte modules can be customized to fit the mobile application development process and what components, if necessary, are native or custom. We also define your application's revenue model(s) and mobile marketing requirements. After the discovery process we create the mobile application development roadmap and move into the next step of the CAPE Development Model.

Acquire: Once we know what the application is, we can then begin to acquire any necessary assets from you such as your logo, branding requirements, social account information, etc. During this simple step, we'll provide you a list of necessary items that we'll need to acquire. Additionally, we'll help you begin the process of registering with your chosen app stores so that your accounts are ready when the application is.

Produce: Using the mobile application development roadmap and assets we've acquired from you, we begin to produce the application. During this process, we define the development milestones based on the details of the mobile application and then produce the alpha application. When the alpha is complete, you'll have the ability to view the application on your device. Here we can discuss any necessary changes and adjustments and then move the application into beta. During beta, the application is thoroughly tested by our developers to weed out any bugs and make sure that all of the coding is completely optimized.

Enable: After the beta testing is completed, we then move to enable the mobile application. During this stage, the application is deployed to each of the app stores that we defined in step one and any necessary training is provided to you or your organization. Once the application is on the market, our mobile marketing team commences on the marketing requirements that we defined earlier.

If you've gotten this far into the tour, then you've probably already begun to define some details of your application. Let us help you finish clarifying the details of your app, give us a call or fill out the simple form to the right and we'll contact you!

Getting Started
Getting Started