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Mobile App Development the Moro Way

Making mobile app development smooth is important for all parties involved, that's why we've developed our own processes and systems to help assist with the mobile app development process. We created our own project management system built within our internal CRM. During the entire mobile app development process, we provide you with direct access to the project management system. You'll have the ability to communicate directly with developers, view your project status in real time, access important documents, upload necessary assets and more! You can even access the project management system directly from your smart phone or tablet devices! Furthermore, once your mobile application is completed, you'll also be able to continue using the project management system for any mobile marketing requirements.

We also provide the monthly mobile app management of your new application and house the backend of the app in our server environment. You'll also be able to administer the various components of your application through the Moro Dashboard. I'm sure by now you've heard us use that terms several time throughout the tour and you probably also have a good idea of what the Moro Dashboard is. However, let's take a quick moment to elaborate on the features of our dashboard.

Moro Dashboard: Mobile App Management

The Moro Dashboard is an administrative framework that we've developed specifically to tie into each mobile application we build. It's available to you to use on any device through a secure login. Part of building your application involves customizing your dashboard experience. Each application has different features and the Moro Dashboard is customized to fit your mobile application, providing you with your very own unique mobile app management solution.

Moro Interactive Application Support Systems

We're pretty fanatical regarding how we offer support to our customers. That's why we provide six different methods of support communication. We have a live support system where you can chat online with us, support tickets through the project management system, our website contact forms, email, social media and by phone. This makes the mobile app development process smooth for everyone involved, creating an excellent customer experience!

What To Expect
What To Expect