How We Do It & Why We Are Different

Except in mathematics, the distance from point A to point B is seldom a straight line and almost always has many paths to choose from. Many find that once they've reached point B, that there isn't a better path to choose from. At Moro Interactive, we've carefully analyzed each choice and have developed a business model that allows us to generate success both internally and for each of our customers. We've outlined the top 6 things that truly set us apart from the competition: cross platform mobile development, a-la-carte modules, updateable applications, support / management solutions, multi-profile deployment and our inherent belief in the law of attraction.

Cross Platform Mobile Development

We believe it's imperative to reach the largest audience when deploying a mobile application. This is achieved through a cross platform mobile development, where your application is created once and compiled for each major smart phone platform. Each platform utilizes different methods for building an application such as different programming languages, SDKs and IDEs. The cost and time for deployment adds up significantly when cross platform mobile development is not employed.

We utilize a programming method that allows us to build an application once and adjust the necessary components for each platform during compilation. Beyond the vast cost savings, there are many other benefits to our cross platform mobile development method. As applications and user bases grow over time or new phones become available, it's often necessary to update the application and add new features. By utilizing a cross platform mobile development model, we can quickly release updates to each platform allowing you to continuously realize cost savings.

A-La-Carte Modules

We've recognized a consistency for certain types of applications in the small business market. We analyzed over a dozen different industries, coupled it with our experience and decided to create customizable pre-built modules that further reduce mobile app development cost and time. We've developed nearly twenty modules that can be customized for many industries and solutions creating thousands of possibilities. We're constantly developing new modules using customer feedback, experience and consistent research. We'll cover the complete list of available modules later in this tour.

Updateable Applications

Each application we develop, whether custom, module integrated or a combination of the both, is updateable through the Moro Dashboard. Our custom interface allows our customers to manage their mobile application through any device on the fly. Each dashboard is personalized for each customer, containing the necessary features for mobile application management.

Support and Management Solutions

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer support and personalized communication. Our goal is to provide an extraordinary customer experience which translates into a long lasting relationship of shared success. We don't put up walls and create red tape; everyone all the way up to our founders is always available to every customer. We also believe that it's important to utilize every available communication method allowing our customers to choose how to reach us. This includes live chat, online support requests, phone, email, SMS and social media.

Multi-Profile Deployment

There are thousands of different types of mobile devices out there, from smart phones to tablets. With that many available devices it's important to implement a development system that allows an application to look seamless on any device. Specifically, our development process consists of four device profiles: Tablet Portrait, Tablet Landscape, Phone Portrait and Phone Landscape. As part of our development process we create each of the four profiles and let our core technology handle the rest; significantly decreasing mobile app development time.

Law of Attraction

At Moro Interactive, we firmly believe in the theory of the law of attraction. Simply put, this means that "like attracts like"; by focusing on the positive you attract the positive. We apply this belief in everything that we do from product development to customer relationships. We're truly invested in the success of each application we build for our customers which creates a synergetic magnetism that delivers prosperity to all parties involved. This law of nature is often represented as karma or the common cliché, "what goes around comes around." In the end, one thing is for certain, we continuously prove the theory each and every day.

How We Do It & Why We Are Different
How We Do It & Why We Are Different