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Moro InteractiveAt Moro Interactive, teamwork is the foundation of our organization. Passion and ambition drive us to provide the best technology and support in the industry utilizing the best talent in the industry. Our founders started in the web design industry over 16 years ago providing unparalleled solutions with the determination to share that success with their customers. As the industry changed and expanded into mobile solutions they saw the need and Moro Interactive was born.

Moro Interactive is more than just a mobile application development studio. Moro Interactive is about adaptation and sustainability we wanted to build an organization that isn’t centered on one direct technology, but an organization that can adapt and grow with technology. By applying an extraordinary research and development model within Moro, we’ve created a magnetism that allows us to lock arms with technological growth.

What the Future Holds

At Moro Interactive, we have a rich history in technological endeavors with a keen sense of operability that allows us to maintain a microcosm which generates a unique company culture. We love what we do and strive to be on the cutting edge in an environment which encourages growth. We’re all about working hard, having fun and creating a climate that does not stifle creativity. Furthermore, we are strong advocates about group success, whether inside our own organization or in regards to our customers. With that said, we had an epiphany and decided we would offer this type of environment to everyone. By merging our technological and operational experience with the desire to create something absolutely amazing, we decided we would develop a community of SmartPod Shared Offices. The world has smart phones, smart cars, just about smart anything, so why not a smart office?

SmartPod Shared Offices

The future of mobile technology is geared toward integration, streamlining daily processes and generating a better quality of life. That is the foundation of the Moro Campus SmartPod Shared Offices. Before we delve further into the details of the office environment, it’s important to understand the technology that is behind such integration: Glass. Corning is the manufacturer behind smart glass technology, the same technology that will be integrated in our SmartPod Shared Offices. Take a moment and discover a glimpse into the very near future by watching the videos below.

We hope you’re just as excited about the future of glass as we are. The above videos illustrate a look into the future with mass integrations of glass; however, the technology is available today. Our desire is to develop an environment utilizing contemporary design, floor plans that encourage health and creativity and a mass integration of glass technologies in order to streamline daily routines, improve communications and induce greater productivity. We are currently developing and planning the technological integration that will be the Moro Campus. We’ll post more information as we near closer to beginning construction in 2013!

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