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A Look At The Surface RT | Mobile Technology

The anticipated Windows RT tablet is entering the mobile technology market a few days and many customers are getting excited. Microsoft is looking to change the game with their device and frankly they just might do it. The Surface has some massive expectations set before it and its ability to deliver will make or break […]

A Look Into Windows 8 | Mobile Development

Software giant, Microsoft, is preparing to release its new Windows 8 OS into the mobile development world. This new OS has been met with much excitement and almost as much skepticism. The question now is did Microsoft succeed in making a game changer? Is Windows 8 really all that we thought it would be? We […]

Microsoft raises the bar on App Prices | Mobile Developers

As we move closer to the release date of the Windows 8 OS more information is being released on the OS. The newest update on from the aspiring mobile developers Microsoft is based in the mobile applications store and how 3rd party developers will interact with it. In addition to being able to sell their […]

Can the Nokia Lumia beat out the competition? | Mobile App Developers

  New data is showing some shocking news in the mobile world. The Nokia Lumia, running a Windows Phone OS, beat the iPhone and Samsung Android phones in numbers for the first three months of their release. The Lumia shipped an impressive 6.9 million smartphones in those three months and the pressure is on. The […]

Samsung Makes A Move Into Windows RT

For those of you that really love the Samsung hardware but are extremely excited for the new Windows 8 Phone and Surface tablet, prepare to become ecstatic. Samsung has just announced its intent to support the new Windows RT OS and work with Microsoft. For Microsoft this is a huge benefit as they just had […]