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India Attacked with SMS | Mobile Technology

Last week, the inhabitants of IndiaÔÇÖs northeast region received rumors of a Muslim attack via Mobile Technology (SMS messages) and social media. With convincing photos add in to add credibility tens of thousands of people fled the urban areas. The Indian GovernmentÔÇÖs response was to impose a 5 message limit on bulk text messaging and […]

Benefits of Twitter in a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Social media is a massive part of today’s world. Mobile Marketing strategies focus on a number of sites to increase things such as brand recognition, promote their content, and even as a research tool. Twitter is currently booming with activity and has become an integral part to many mobile marketing campaigns and we are going […]

8 Mobile Marketing Strategies

One of the key components to success in business is advertising. This used to be done using radio ad, TV ads, billboards, and the like, but today’s world is a bit different. The statistic is that 80% of people have a mobile phone and 45% of those people use smartphones and this percentage is growing […]