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A Look at Google Glass and What to Expect

Project Glass has been a rumor supported by a YouTube video that sparked much excitement. Project Glass is a research and development endeavor by Google to create an augmented reality head-mounted display.  The video here shows what their vision of what Project Glass would be and the most recent video here shows a group of […]

Apple vs Android Mobile Applications Comparison

There is a rivalry in the mobile application world and it is one well worth watching. The famous Apple and the upstart Android are duking it out over their their mobile applications and mobile applications market numbers. The fact is that since the first smartphones which allowed you to maintain a calendar and emails the […]

Cool Smartphone Accessories to Keep an Eye on

Phones are being developed as fast as we can buy them and being surpassed within just a few months. The mobile world is booming as hundreds of mobile applications are being released each day. On top of that there are new accessories to connect to your mobile device that add features or simply do cool […]