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Tablets Impact on the Mobile Development World

This year has been very interesting for the mobile development world. Smartphones and tablets alike have become the norm and are pushing boundaries. Devices are starting to compete with the iconic iPhone and iPad and the innovations are just starting to take off. The questions to have answered are whether or not tablets will be […]

Will The Apple VS Samsung Patent War Damage Mobile Development?

As many are aware the┬ámobile development companies (Apple and Samsung) have been duking it out over patents, designs, and intellectual property. The case is starting to wind down and people are beginning to wonder, did Samsung copy Apple? While some evidence is pointing to a positive answer here, it also raises an interesting question. Does […]

Samsung Makes A Move Into Windows RT

For those of you that really love the Samsung hardware but are extremely excited for the new Windows 8 Phone and Surface tablet, prepare to become ecstatic. Samsung has just announced its intent to support the new Windows RT OS and work with Microsoft. For Microsoft this is a huge benefit as they just had […]