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iPad Mini Comparison | Mobile Technology

The verdict on the iPad mini is out, it is a small iPad. The new mobile technology is Apples answer to the Google Nexus and Kindle Fire tablets. These ÔÇ£7-inchersÔÇØ are great for those looking for something more portable than a full blown tablet. We are going to talk about where the iPad mini stands […]

Google Fiber Explanation | Mobile Development

Mobile development and search provider, Google, recently announced its new project, Google Fiber. This anticipated service is expected to bring fast fiber optic internet to the good people of Kansas City.  Google has noticed that  our computing power and storage capacity have left our internet speed behind and are looking to rememdy this issue for the […]

Battle of the Tablets – Microsoft Vs Apple Vs Google Vs Amazon

Last week the Nexus 7 was announced at the Google I/O convention. With its release came much excitement for the underpriced monster of a 7-inch tablet. It is expected to dominate the 7-inch market and even give the iPad a run for its money. Yet, recently there was a statement from 2 Apple “people” (remained […]

A Look at the Google Nexus 7

At the Google I/O conference Google announced their new tablet, the Nexus 7. This device is pushing the envelope for a powerful device at an affordable price. This piece of hardware boasts impressive specs such as an HD screen, front-facing camera, and a quad core processor as well as the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean […]