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Tag Archives: mobile marketing

Is A Mobile Application Or Mobile Site For Marketing?

There is a debate in the mobile marketing work on whether a mobile application or mobile site is more beneficial for an industry. This is something expects are not agreeing on and many business owners are looking around for the answer. Mobile marketing is a fast moving industry that is showing no signs of slowing […]

Avoidable Mobile Marketing Mistakes

As more people start to adopt mobile marketing strategies we can start to examples of good strategies, as well as a few that show you what not to do. There are a few common mistakes that are proving troublesome for many companies that ultimately are taking away from their userÔÇÖs experience. Mobile marketing is a […]

Augmented Reality in Mobile Marketing Strategies

Not all that long ago, mobile marketing was really hitting the QR codes hard. While they are still obviously in use, the new technology that is looking to take its place is called Augmented Reality. This has been around us for quite some time; however it is starting to pop up in mobile marketing strategies. […]

Mobile Marketing | New Facebook Search Based Ads

  In a bold move, Facebook has begun testing its first search ads called typeahead. These are sponsored ads that are placed in the results when you search for a specific search term. An example of these would be a gaming company that is competing with Zynga could target the search for CityVille, a game […]

Mobile Growth Around The World

Mobile devices are going worldwide. A study by the World Bank and infoDev found here estimates that three fourths of the world’s population has access to mobile devices. That hasn’t stopped the number of mobile subscriptions from coming close to passing the world’s population in numbers. We have moved from 4 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants […]

Benefits of Twitter in a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Social media is a massive part of today’s world. Mobile Marketing strategies focus on a number of sites to increase things such as brand recognition, promote their content, and even as a research tool. Twitter is currently booming with activity and has become an integral part to many mobile marketing campaigns and we are going […]

Using StumbleUpon in a Mobile Marketing Strategy

In our world today, a strong Mobile Marketing strategy will use a few social media platforms. The thing to remember when using these social tools in mobile marketing is that you need to be an active and regular participant in the community and not just a bystander. This is important as it builds a following […]

8 Mobile Marketing Strategies

One of the key components to success in business is advertising. This used to be done using radio ad, TV ads, billboards, and the like, but today’s world is a bit different. The statistic is that 80% of people have a mobile phone and 45% of those people use smartphones and this percentage is growing […]