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FreedomPop 4G Sleeve | Mobile Development

Have you ever looked at your iPod Touch and wished that it was an iPhone? With our advancements in mobile development why couldnt an iPod make phone calls? The mobile development world has taken an interesting turn that could prove interesting to say the least. FreedomPop is a startup company that has created a sleeve […]

Google Fiber Explanation | Mobile Development

Mobile development and search provider, Google, recently announced its new project, Google Fiber. This anticipated service is expected to bring fast fiber optic internet to the good people of Kansas City.  Google has noticed that  our computing power and storage capacity have left our internet speed behind and are looking to rememdy this issue for the […]

Microsoft raises the bar on App Prices | Mobile Developers

As we move closer to the release date of the Windows 8 OS more information is being released on the OS. The newest update on from the aspiring mobile developers Microsoft is based in the mobile applications store and how 3rd party developers will interact with it. In addition to being able to sell their […]

Mountain Lion OS X New Features | Mobile Development

What an exciting day! Mac users are getting a real treat with the release of OS X Mountain Lion from the mobile development giant, Apple. For a cheap $19.99 you can get the 4.05GB OS and enjoy a slew of new features. We are going to cover some of those features and explain what they […]

Is Google Now Worth The Cost? | Mobile Development

  Google Now has been out for a while now and the verdict is, awesome. What the software does is simple; it learns from your search behavior and provides information without you having to ask for it like sports updates and flight schedules. That is not all however; Google Now offers location based information such […]