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HTC And Apple Reach An Agreement | Mobile Development

The Patent Wars that have been raging through the mobile development world have taken an interesting turn recently. The legal battle between Apple and the Taiwanese smartphone maker, HTC, have reached a halting agreement. The impact of this could be much more than it seems when you take a step back. Could this be the […]

Some Issues With The iPhone 5 | Mobile Development

Apple has reported that they sold out of initial stock of their new iPhone 5. This is a good sign that many people wanted the new device from the mobile development company, but there have also been more than a few customers that are not so pleased with their new phones. Some of these complaints […]

Things Left Out of The iPhone 5 | Mobile Development

The new and improved iPhone 5 was released last Wednesday with record preorders at 2 million. This is great news for the Mobile Development Company, but the question now comes down to how is the phone. The question is whether or not it is worth upgrading to the new phone. There are some great improvements, […]

Apple Announces iPhone 5 and Others | Mobile Development

The mobile development company, Apple, made some rather exciting announcements at their recent yearly conference. Not only did we get the iPhone 5 announcement, but we also got to see the new and updated iPod line-up and the release of iOS 6. Here is what we said about each announcement. You can watch it all […]

Toys R Us And Their Tabeo | Mobile Development

It would seem everyone is trying to grab a piece of the mobile development market. Google pushed out the Nexus 7, Amazon has 3 new versions of its Kindle, and now Toys R Us has put out its Tabeo. This thing is intended to be for kids and looking at the physical design this seems […]

A Look Into The Past and Present of Amazon | Mobile Development

Amazon has always been on the radar in the tech world, but they tend to keep a low profile. Amazon has recently announced its move into the mobile development community with its 3 new Kindle devices. There are even rumors of a push further into mobile development with an Amazon smartphone (recent announcement from CEO […]

Will Amazon’s New Kindle Devices Make Waves In The Mobile Development Market?

Amazon recently opened the doors on their new products and is looking to blow away the mobile development competition.┬áThey have announced a slew of upgrades, changes, and even a few new devices. For those that didnÔÇÖt know Amazon has been aiming their guns at the giants of the mobile development market and it appears that […]

Tablets Impact on the Mobile Development World

This year has been very interesting for the mobile development world. Smartphones and tablets alike have become the norm and are pushing boundaries. Devices are starting to compete with the iconic iPhone and iPad and the innovations are just starting to take off. The questions to have answered are whether or not tablets will be […]

Will The Apple VS Samsung Patent War Damage Mobile Development?

As many are aware the┬ámobile development companies (Apple and Samsung) have been duking it out over patents, designs, and intellectual property. The case is starting to wind down and people are beginning to wonder, did Samsung copy Apple? While some evidence is pointing to a positive answer here, it also raises an interesting question. Does […]

Apple in Talks with Cable Providers | Mobile Development

In a move that is not shocking in the least, Apple has begun talks with some the biggest U.S. cable operators about letting consumers use an apple device as a set-top box for live television and other content. This is not the first time the mobile development giant has tried to convince the providers to […]