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Microsoft takes a stand on Browsing Privacy | Mobile Developer

Microsoft is taking a stand for the people. The aspiring mobile developer is standing by its decision to enable Do Not Track as the default setting in IE10. This has caused more than a few issues with advertising companies as they agreed to follow the Do Not Track privacy scheme. This back and forth debate […]

There’s a Pat(ent) For That | Mobile Developer

At GoogleÔÇÖs I/O conference, Google Glass was met with much excitement. The device was innovative and considered the first of its kind. Mobile developer Google attempted a patent on the idea back in 2011, however it would seem Apple unsurprisingly, has been working on a project that feelsÔǪ the same. The problem arises when we […]

Is Google Now Worth The Cost? | Mobile Development

  Google Now has been out for a while now and the verdict is, awesome. What the software does is simple; it learns from your search behavior and provides information without you having to ask for it like sports updates and flight schedules. That is not all however; Google Now offers location based information such […]

Mobento Search from a Mobile Developers View

  Search has dominated much of the “internet” world for many years now. Between Google, Yahoo, and the many attempts to create a new search engine that brings something more to the table, none have knocked the top dogs off their post yet. Recently a new attempt at a search engine has hit the market […]