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Must Have Mobile Applications For iOS And Android

As the holidayÔÇÖs wind down, many are looking at their new tablets and phones wondering what kind of mobile applications they should install. While the Android and iOS app stores have many of the same mobile applications, there are many that are different so we are going to cover some must have apps for your […]

Mobile Application Search Engine Race

After only a few years, the mobile application market has become massive, becoming a veritable jungle of applications. Despite the rapid growth of the mobile application market, we are still waiting for the ÔÇ£GoogleÔÇØ of the application world to surface. There is not yet a search engine to untangle the mess that is our app […]

Mobile Technology and Gaming

Christmas time is one of the busiest of the year for retailers and publishers in the video game business. The big game releases of the year typically taking place during October and November to be judged by the populace before Christmas takes over their sales. The development side however is much slower during this period […]

A Mobile Applications Search Engine?

If you think back to the days when you literally surfed the web instead of searching for a specific site, you will notice some similarities with modern day mobile applications. You used to literally go to a website and click links to other sites and that was all you could do. Google was what changed […]

Building Long Term Habits With A Mobile Application

What does it take to get users hooked on your mobile application? The simple process of building the app, getting a following for it, and then profiting isnÔÇÖt really so simple in the end. Some games get played for 15 minutes followed by an uninstall and never touching it again. Some see a long term […]

Tips on coming up with ideas for Mobile Application Development

Ever had really great idea but forgot what it was later on? Maybe you are trying to come up with your “next big thing”, but you are drawing a blank? We have some advice on things you can do to stimulate your creativity muscle and come up with great ideas. These tips are applicable for […]

Chrome in iOS and its Attributes

The busy week for Google continues with the release of Chrome for iOS. Adding functions such as incognito mode and tab syncing across devices to the iPhones repertoire. The only real problem with this is that due to Apple’s restrictive policies against 3rd party apps the usually blazing fast browser is forced to move quite […]

Apple vs Android Mobile Applications Comparison

There is a rivalry in the mobile application world and it is one well worth watching. The famous Apple and the upstart Android are duking it out over their their mobile applications and mobile applications market numbers. The fact is that since the first smartphones which allowed you to maintain a calendar and emails the […]

Cool Smartphone Accessories to Keep an Eye on

Phones are being developed as fast as we can buy them and being surpassed within just a few months. The mobile world is booming as hundreds of mobile applications are being released each day. On top of that there are new accessories to connect to your mobile device that add features or simply do cool […]

Mobile Application Development Trends of 2012

Mobile Application Development is a competitive market that changes every day. Those that make the money are those that see a need coming up and fulfill it. At Moro Interactive we feel that there are certain trends starting for 2012 and we are going to cover a few of them in detail. Social Networking is […]