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Zynga’s Success and Failure | Mobile Application

Many know what Zynga is now and days and for those of you who donÔÇÖt, they are a ÔÇ£freemiumÔÇØ game developer that started out on Facebook and spread into the mobile application market. Zynga has taken a recent plunge in share price and has been on the downward slope playing catch up for some time […]

Is A Mobile Application Or Mobile Site For Marketing?

There is a debate in the mobile marketing work on whether a mobile application or mobile site is more beneficial for an industry. This is something expects are not agreeing on and many business owners are looking around for the answer. Mobile marketing is a fast moving industry that is showing no signs of slowing […]

The New YouTube Mobile Application For iOS Is Here

If you recall just over a month ago Apple removed the YouTube native mobile application from their newest OS. This would give Google the opportunity to create a unique YouTube mobile application for iOS that would enable many features that were otherwise excluded. Who Benefited From This More? While there may have been some motive […]

Moro InteractiveÔÇÖs New Mobile Application Hailing Cabs at the push of a button!

Ever become frustrated when trying to find a cab in a big or new city? Maybe youÔÇÖre a cab driver or company who is dissatisfied with empty back seats lately? Moro Interactive has a solution to all of your taxi cab needs.┬áMore….

Why Updating Email Is Difficult | Mobile Application

Email is one of those things that everyone uses even if they donÔÇÖt want to. Our email accounts are tied to just about everything like social media sites, games, mobile applications, and more. There is a large amount of conversation taking place around the internet discussing email and its problems; however no one seems to […]

Mobile Growth Around The World

Mobile devices are going worldwide. A study by the World Bank and infoDev found here estimates that three fourths of the world’s population has access to mobile devices. That hasn’t stopped the number of mobile subscriptions from coming close to passing the world’s population in numbers. We have moved from 4 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants […]

Mobento Search from a Mobile Developers View

  Search has dominated much of the “internet” world for many years now. Between Google, Yahoo, and the many attempts to create a new search engine that brings something more to the table, none have knocked the top dogs off their post yet. Recently a new attempt at a search engine has hit the market […]