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A Mobile Application Developers Take on Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Usually labeled a science fiction dream, self-driving cars are making their way onto our streets. The search giant Google has been working on their dream of a self-driving car for at least a year now. We know Google for its search engines and antics in the mobile market with Android, but what most don’t know […]

Tips on coming up with ideas for Mobile Application Development

Ever had really great idea but forgot what it was later on? Maybe you are trying to come up with your “next big thing”, but you are drawing a blank? We have some advice on things you can do to stimulate your creativity muscle and come up with great ideas. These tips are applicable for […]

A Look At The New Amazon Smartphone

The last few days have been huge for Amazon as they announce their new Kindle Fire and its 10-inch counterpart coming very soon. In addition to that, Bloomberg posted that Amazon going to make a move into the mobile market with a smartphone that will be able to compete with the iPhone and Android phones […]

Samsung Makes A Move Into Windows RT

For those of you that really love the Samsung hardware but are extremely excited for the new Windows 8 Phone and Surface tablet, prepare to become ecstatic. Samsung has just announced its intent to support the new Windows RT OS and work with Microsoft. For Microsoft this is a huge benefit as they just had […]

New Mobile Technologies to Look Forward to

This is the Mobile Age and it is booming. We are developing new mobile technologies based on mobile applications and devices at such a rapid rate that a frequent complaint is that devices are outdated in a month. There is always something new and shocking being developed and they can range from the anticipated “Google […]

A Look at the Windows 8 Phone and Surface Tablet

Rumors are flying and the word is that Microsoft and their new products are the player to keep an eye on this fall. With the announcement of their windows 8 phone as well as their Surface tablet, Mobile enthusiasts are going crazy. Windows has been used in homes and in general has been the OS […]

A Look at NFC Mobile and its Impact on our Future

The Emerging Technology called NFC Mobile or Near Field Communication is going to change the way phones and wireless in general work. Phones are taking an increasingly important role in our everyday lives and this function is going to further that dramatically. Our phones are starting to resemble computers rather than the mobile phones of […]