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An Overview of Jailbreaking and the iPhone 5 | Mobile Technology

The iPhone 5, like many of its predecessors has already been jailbroken, it just hasnÔÇÖt been shared with the rest of us yet. Understandably so the hackers that battle it out with Apple to keep their newest iOS cracked are reluctant to release their fix while they look for another workaround. They are reluctant to […]

Some Issues With The iPhone 5 | Mobile Development

Apple has reported that they sold out of initial stock of their new iPhone 5. This is a good sign that many people wanted the new device from the mobile development company, but there have also been more than a few customers that are not so pleased with their new phones. Some of these complaints […]

Things Left Out of The iPhone 5 | Mobile Development

The new and improved iPhone 5 was released last Wednesday with record preorders at 2 million. This is great news for the Mobile Development Company, but the question now comes down to how is the phone. The question is whether or not it is worth upgrading to the new phone. There are some great improvements, […]

Apple Announces iPhone 5 and Others | Mobile Development

The mobile development company, Apple, made some rather exciting announcements at their recent yearly conference. Not only did we get the iPhone 5 announcement, but we also got to see the new and updated iPod line-up and the release of iOS 6. Here is what we said about each announcement. You can watch it all […]