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iPad Mini Comparison | Mobile Technology

The verdict on the iPad mini is out, it is a small iPad. The new mobile technology is Apples answer to the Google Nexus and Kindle Fire tablets. These ÔÇ£7-inchersÔÇØ are great for those looking for something more portable than a full blown tablet. We are going to talk about where the iPad mini stands […]

Tablets Impact on the Mobile Development World

This year has been very interesting for the mobile development world. Smartphones and tablets alike have become the norm and are pushing boundaries. Devices are starting to compete with the iconic iPhone and iPad and the innovations are just starting to take off. The questions to have answered are whether or not tablets will be […]

FreedomPop 4G Sleeve | Mobile Development

Have you ever looked at your iPod Touch and wished that it was an iPhone? With our advancements in mobile development why couldnt an iPod make phone calls? The mobile development world has taken an interesting turn that could prove interesting to say the least. FreedomPop is a startup company that has created a sleeve […]

Battle of the Tablets – Microsoft Vs Apple Vs Google Vs Amazon

Last week the Nexus 7 was announced at the Google I/O convention. With its release came much excitement for the underpriced monster of a 7-inch tablet. It is expected to dominate the 7-inch market and even give the iPad a run for its money. Yet, recently there was a statement from 2 Apple “people” (remained […]

Apple’s Settlement with Proview over “iPad”

After more than two years since Apple’s release of the iPad in the US, they actually own the name “iPad”. In 2001 a Taiwanese company called Shenzhen Proview Technology trademarked the name “iPad”. The statement is that Apple paid the company $55,000 in 2009 but the Chinese authorities ruled last year that Proview still owned […]

The Surface VS the iPad and the Reasons to Pick Either One

In a competitive world of tablets the new kid on the block always has the hardest time and the biggest hype. As Microsoft makes its move into the hardware world of mobile devices the Surface makes a splash. We are going to compare the promising device from software giant Microsoft to the established iPad from […]