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iOS Drops YouTube Native App | Mobile Development

It is official, Apple will be removing the YouTube native app from its next OS. In what now appears to be a trend, Apple is starting to remove components that on their OS that are offered by Google. This trend started when the mobile development company Apple first removed Google Maps. Who benefits more? By […]

There’s a Pat(ent) For That | Mobile Developer

At GoogleÔÇÖs I/O conference, Google Glass was met with much excitement. The device was innovative and considered the first of its kind. Mobile developer Google attempted a patent on the idea back in 2011, however it would seem Apple unsurprisingly, has been working on a project that feelsÔǪ the same. The problem arises when we […]

Mountain Lion OS X New Features | Mobile Development

What an exciting day! Mac users are getting a real treat with the release of OS X Mountain Lion from the mobile development giant, Apple. For a cheap $19.99 you can get the 4.05GB OS and enjoy a slew of new features. We are going to cover some of those features and explain what they […]

Can the Nokia Lumia beat out the competition? | Mobile App Developers

  New data is showing some shocking news in the mobile world. The Nokia Lumia, running a Windows Phone OS, beat the iPhone and Samsung Android phones in numbers for the first three months of their release. The Lumia shipped an impressive 6.9 million smartphones in those three months and the pressure is on. The […]

Battle of the Tablets – Microsoft Vs Apple Vs Google Vs Amazon

Last week the Nexus 7 was announced at the Google I/O convention. With its release came much excitement for the underpriced monster of a 7-inch tablet. It is expected to dominate the 7-inch market and even give the iPad a run for its money. Yet, recently there was a statement from 2 Apple “people” (remained […]

Apple’s Settlement with Proview over “iPad”

After more than two years since Apple’s release of the iPad in the US, they actually own the name “iPad”. In 2001 a Taiwanese company called Shenzhen Proview Technology trademarked the name “iPad”. The statement is that Apple paid the company $55,000 in 2009 but the Chinese authorities ruled last year that Proview still owned […]

Chrome in iOS and its Attributes

The busy week for Google continues with the release of Chrome for iOS. Adding functions such as incognito mode and tab syncing across devices to the iPhones repertoire. The only real problem with this is that due to Apple’s restrictive policies against 3rd party apps the usually blazing fast browser is forced to move quite […]