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HTC And Apple Reach An Agreement | Mobile Development

The Patent Wars that have been raging through the mobile development world have taken an interesting turn recently. The legal battle between Apple and the Taiwanese smartphone maker, HTC, have reached a halting agreement. The impact of this could be much more than it seems when you take a step back. Could this be the […]

iPad Mini Comparison | Mobile Technology

The verdict on the iPad mini is out, it is a small iPad. The new mobile technology is Apples answer to the Google Nexus and Kindle Fire tablets. These ÔÇ£7-inchersÔÇØ are great for those looking for something more portable than a full blown tablet. We are going to talk about where the iPad mini stands […]

Apple Announces iPhone 5 and Others | Mobile Development

The mobile development company, Apple, made some rather exciting announcements at their recent yearly conference. Not only did we get the iPhone 5 announcement, but we also got to see the new and updated iPod line-up and the release of iOS 6. Here is what we said about each announcement. You can watch it all […]

The New YouTube Mobile Application For iOS Is Here

If you recall just over a month ago Apple removed the YouTube native mobile application from their newest OS. This would give Google the opportunity to create a unique YouTube mobile application for iOS that would enable many features that were otherwise excluded. Who Benefited From This More? While there may have been some motive […]

A Mobile Applications Search Engine?

If you think back to the days when you literally surfed the web instead of searching for a specific site, you will notice some similarities with modern day mobile applications. You used to literally go to a website and click links to other sites and that was all you could do. Google was what changed […]

Which Mobile Wallet is Best? | Mobile Technology

Mobile payments have been getting some serious attention from Google, Apple, and many wireless carriers. These big players are pushing to be the big dog with the new mobile technology. There are pros and cons to each option at the moment and we are going to talk about each. Isis Isis is the child of […]

Building Long Term Habits With A Mobile Application

What does it take to get users hooked on your mobile application? The simple process of building the app, getting a following for it, and then profiting isnÔÇÖt really so simple in the end. Some games get played for 15 minutes followed by an uninstall and never touching it again. Some see a long term […]

Tablets Impact on the Mobile Development World

This year has been very interesting for the mobile development world. Smartphones and tablets alike have become the norm and are pushing boundaries. Devices are starting to compete with the iconic iPhone and iPad and the innovations are just starting to take off. The questions to have answered are whether or not tablets will be […]

Will The Apple VS Samsung Patent War Damage Mobile Development?

As many are aware the┬ámobile development companies (Apple and Samsung) have been duking it out over patents, designs, and intellectual property. The case is starting to wind down and people are beginning to wonder, did Samsung copy Apple? While some evidence is pointing to a positive answer here, it also raises an interesting question. Does […]

Apple in Talks with Cable Providers | Mobile Development

In a move that is not shocking in the least, Apple has begun talks with some the biggest U.S. cable operators about letting consumers use an apple device as a set-top box for live television and other content. This is not the first time the mobile development giant has tried to convince the providers to […]