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Introducing Facebook Home | Mobile Technology

If you havenÔÇÖt heard yet, Facebook is making a great move in the mobile development world with a new project of theirs called Facebook Home. This newly announce product is all the rage among those who plug into Facebook and like to live within its walled garden. What is Home? Home is essentially a home […]

Must Have Mobile Applications For iOS And Android

As the holidayÔÇÖs wind down, many are looking at their new tablets and phones wondering what kind of mobile applications they should install. While the Android and iOS app stores have many of the same mobile applications, there are many that are different so we are going to cover some must have apps for your […]

A Look At The Nexus 4 | Mobile Technology

The Nexus 4 smartphone is a new piece of mobile technology that has been the topic of much controversy on the internet of late. There are many reviewers out there claiming that it is the best phone on the market to date and there are just as many who are not exactly singing its praises. […]

FreedomPop 4G Sleeve | Mobile Development

Have you ever looked at your iPod Touch and wished that it was an iPhone? With our advancements in mobile development why couldnt an iPod make phone calls? The mobile development world has taken an interesting turn that could prove interesting to say the least. FreedomPop is a startup company that has created a sleeve […]

Can the Nokia Lumia beat out the competition? | Mobile App Developers

  New data is showing some shocking news in the mobile world. The Nokia Lumia, running a Windows Phone OS, beat the iPhone and Samsung Android phones in numbers for the first three months of their release. The Lumia shipped an impressive 6.9 million smartphones in those three months and the pressure is on. The […]