Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development for Web, iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry

Smart phones and tablet devices have become engrained in our society creating a user dependency on instant communication and access to information and services. These devices are a part of who we are, especially as they become more powerful, easier to use and help to streamline our daily activities. With mobile app development solutions, businesses now have the ability to reach out to consumers instantaneously to deliver information, products and services. Additionally, the capacity to streamline internal organization processes is endless, cutting costs and propelling businesses into a new era of productivity.

At Moro Interactive, we provide mobile app development solutions that are obtainable to companies of any size or industry utilizing the most popular mobile platforms. We know how to navigate the capabilities of each platform and develop solutions that work on the widest range of devices using cross platform mobile development.

Mobile Web Solutions

Mobile Web SolutionsWith the ability to browse the internet, smart phones and tablets have the same reach as any computer and make up a large percentage of web traffic. A large majority of websites are not equipped to easily deliver mobile content or handle the capabilities of such devices. These sites were designed to be viewed on a larger screen and often use technologies that limit the delivery of information to mobile devices.

With a mobile website, content can be delivered quickly and in a format that resembles a native application. This also allows for the ability to tap into device features such as GPS location delivery, swipe gestures, dial pad pushing and more. Learn more about the mobile application market and how it can benefit you by visiting our online tour.

Android Application Development

Android Application DevelopmentThe Android platform has grown to be the most widely used mobile operating system on the market. By following an open source architecture, Android has been the chosen platform for dozens of manufacturers encompassing hundreds of phones in its lifetime. There are many benefits of the platform including inter-application integration, however, Android has issues with fragmentation.

With hundreds of devices using the platform and carriers in control of Android OS updates, there are many challenges presented to developers. This fragmentation often makes certain applications out of reach of Android versions that are even just a year old. We have created an integration method that solves this problem. We develop our applications to handle the restrictions of older Android operating systems while being able to deliver the feature rich functionality of the latest versions. This allows true application deliverability to the widest range of Android users. To learn more about Android application development, visit our online tour.

iOS Application Development

iOS Application DevelopmentAs the very first company to truly revolutionize smart phones, Apple has continued to innovate the iPhone keeping other OS developers on their toes. Although iOS is a closed source OS and can be more difficult for development, it has virtually eliminated fragmentation issues by removing carriers from the equation. The hardware and software of the iPhone is sleek and elegant with a loyal following of users.

Developing a prominent iOS application requires careful planning and navigation. We consider ourselves gymnasts of the iOS platform, with the ability to jump through each hoop and hurdle, delivering the elegant feature rich applications that iPhone users expect. Additionally, just as with the other OS development we generate, our applications are meant to run on different iOS versions bringing you the widest market deliverance of the iOS platform. Visit our online tour to learn more about the benefits of iOS application development.

Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry Application DevelopmentBlackberry has long been a staple in the phone market, especially for business related use. Although the Blackberry market share has had an extensive drop in the last few years, it is still a viable platform and the days of Blackberry are far from over. With the upcoming reinvention of the Blackberry OS and sleek new hardware, Blackberry will continue to be a contender in the mobile arena.

As with the development on other smart phone operating systems, our process encompasses a wide range of use on different Blackberry operating systems and devices. Additionally, we have the foresight and ability to maintain and innovate existing Blackberry applications for the vast operating system changes that they are expected to release in the upcoming future. To learn more about Blackberry application development visit our online tour.

Windows Application Development

Windows Application DevelopmentAlthough the Windows phone platform has been available for many years, it has had difficulty grasping any major market share in the smart phone arena. This is majorly due in part to a very small following of developers as well as hardware and software restrictions. However, as is true with any company that wishes to survive, Microsoft has completely reinvented its Windows phone operating system. With Windows 8, Microsoft has bridged the gap between computer, tablet and smart phone with a new look that completely departs from traditional Windows software.

With the partnership with Nokia as the sole hardware provider, an excellent OS overhaul and a large loyal customer base, Microsoft will continue to gain vast market share in the years to come. Visit our online tour to find out more about how Windows application development can benefit you.