How It’s Done


The first step in the DADA Design Model is Define your new website. We spend time with you and your company defining your new website we’re building for you. It’s during this time we plan the new design, proper layout & we work through content ideas. We also review your logo, branding and then begin building timelines and expectations. Our normal turnaround time is typically less than 2 weeks.


The second step in the DADA Design Model is Accumulation. During this step, we collect all items and graphics needed to build the website/experience. We also collect content, supporting graphics and pictures to construct the experience your customers are looking for. During this stage, we collect the work order and collect payment information, which is one of the coolest parts of our program.


The third step in the DADA Design Model is Design. This step is where we design the website and the experience design your customers use to interact with you and your business. The design portion of this website is created based on one-on-one conversations we have. Our system is not an automated template system but rather a custom made website built specifically to your needs and based on your business model.


The Last step in the DADA Design Model is Activate. This step is the last step in the process. This is where we make your site, test run the site, form, review SEO components, establish e-mail address (if necessary) and turning the site live.