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A Look at NFC Mobile and its Impact on our Future

The Emerging Technology called NFC Mobile or Near Field Communication is going to change the way phones and wireless in general work. Phones are taking an increasingly important role in our everyday lives and this function is going to further that dramatically. Our phones are starting to resemble computers rather than the mobile phones of […]

Applications Build With Speed In Mind

Our mobile application development architecture delivers the high performance that users expect when using a mobile application in addition to the flexibility to run on any smart device type, platform or brand aside.

Brand Consistency Through Stunning Graphic Design

We have a team of onsite graphic designers with the talent and consistency to tell your story through expert graphic design. We know all too well how important branding is for the success of your mobile application.

Native Platform Packaging and Deployment

Our cross platform mobile development architecture is designed for the development on the Android, iOS, Blackberry and Microsoft platforms. This significantly decreases mobile app development costs and development time.

Powerful and Secure Application Management Solutions

Many applications are so dynamic that they require a management console. For such applications we build a mobile and web based administrative solution that allows you to update your application whenever and wherever.

Side by Side Tablet and Mobile Device Development

We pride ourselves on delivering an all encompassing user experience. This is why our mobile applications have multiple device profiles making them look smooth and sleek on any tablet or smart phone.

Application Support, Version Control and Hosting Solutions

We have the internal infrastructure to host the server side components of your application and manage and monitor the application infrastructure. In addition, we can handle the updates and version deployments to each app store.

Mobile Application Development

We build stunning applications for tablets, phones, televisions and more. From gaming to productivity, we are revolutionizing the mobile stratosphere for companies world wide. Using state of the art technology, the apps we build not only look and function great, but are deployable to every major smart phone platform in one single build. Learn why a mobile application should be in your company’s future, take our online tour.

Cross Platform Deployment

At Moro, we believe in the personal equality to run any of our apps on any major phone platform of you or your customer’s choosing. Each application we design uses cross platform technology in order to deploy your app to the BlackBerry, Apple, Windows and Android markets simultaneously; even with version updates. Our mobile technology is not just cross platform, our applications are designed to work hand in hand between mobile devices and tablets.

Mobile Marketing, Consulting and Market Deployment Services

Developing an amazing application is only the first phase in mobile application success; that leaves market deployment and mobile marketing. Our team will guide you through the registration process for each application market and handle the initial deployment. We’re also experts in mobile marketing; we can help you reach your marketing goals in order to reach a level of success that exceeds your expectations!

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