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Introducing Facebook Home | Mobile Technology

If you havenÔÇÖt heard yet, Facebook is making a great move in the mobile development world with a new project of theirs called Facebook Home. This newly announce product is all the rage among those who plug into Facebook and like to live within its walled garden. What is Home? Home is essentially a home […]

Google in 2013 | Mobile Technology

2012 was a big year for Google. The Search Giant beat Apple at its own game with a iOS Map mobile application that put its rivals attempt at a map/navigation application in the ground. It also made a large push into mobile technology with its Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. Not only that, Google […]

An Overview of Jailbreaking and the iPhone 5 | Mobile Technology

The iPhone 5, like many of its predecessors has already been jailbroken, it just hasnÔÇÖt been shared with the rest of us yet. Understandably so the hackers that battle it out with Apple to keep their newest iOS cracked are reluctant to release their fix while they look for another workaround. They are reluctant to […]

Impact of Facial Recognition | Mobile Technology

A potential leak of SamsungÔÇÖs Galaxy S IV has many talking about a new mobile technology that may have a large impact on how we use our smartphones; and how we view them. The new auto scrolling feature detects head movement to track when you are paying attention to the mobile deviceÔÇÖs screen and when […]

Upcoming Immersive Technology Not So Far Off | Mobile Technology

In this Age of Mobile Technology many people are focused on small, compact pieces of equipment that will be carried around with us. We live in a world of pixels where the average 14-year old in cities like San Francisco, New York and London is going to school with $1,500 world of technology in their […]

7-Inch Smartphones Announced by Asus and Samsung | Mobile Technology

About a month ago we talked about phablets and the possibility of the mobile technologies true emergence into the market. We have already seen the Galaxy Note and Note 2 gather a decent following, but it looks like not only Samsung, but Asus is looking to take the next step. These two mobile development giants […]

Google Glass #ifihadglass Update | Mobile Technology

GoogleÔÇÖs Project Glass has had many mobile technology enthusiasts itching in anticipation. Recently Google launched a new site that has a bit of a surprise for us all. The new site does not feature the word Project anywhere! This could be a sign that Google Glass is officially moving out of the ÔÇ£projectÔÇØ phase and […]

Are Phablets Here To Stay?

CES revealed that a not so new mobile technology could very well be the next step in our technological evolution. Phablets (Phone-Tablet) have been around for a while, the most notable being SamsungÔÇÖs Galaxy Note in 2011. Being one of the biggest supporters of these 5+ inch phones, Samsung released a second version of its […]

Must Have Mobile Applications For iOS And Android

As the holidayÔÇÖs wind down, many are looking at their new tablets and phones wondering what kind of mobile applications they should install. While the Android and iOS app stores have many of the same mobile applications, there are many that are different so we are going to cover some must have apps for your […]

Mobile Application Search Engine Race

After only a few years, the mobile application market has become massive, becoming a veritable jungle of applications. Despite the rapid growth of the mobile application market, we are still waiting for the ÔÇ£GoogleÔÇØ of the application world to surface. There is not yet a search engine to untangle the mess that is our app […]

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